Oracles News · 1964 Oracles Honored as part of Coach Berto’s Legacy

It was a weekend filled with fun, laughs, stories and sadness for our Undefeated 1964 Oracle Football Team.  The loss of Coach Berto was indeed in the hearts of each member of not only his team, but every member of our current Oracle Team as Coach Strasser welcomed back the 1964 team into the Locker Room for pre-game. The pre-game talk must have inspired the Oracles as they completed the night with a victory against the Carroll Cougars during the Bacon Bowl.
The following Monday was a day to pay respect to Coach Berto.  A man who earned his way into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame and respected by everyone who came in contact with him thru out his glorious career.
Coach Strasser and the Oracles made one last walk with Coach Berto around beautiful
Berto Field.  There were no dry eyes for those of us that watched!

May God Bless Coach Tony Berto and the Berto Family

Thanks for the Memory’s