Multiple Teams · Berto Field gains new focal point

Berto Field gains new focal point
By: Kain Myer

As Oracle fans enter Berto field this year to enjoy a football game, they may notice something new. Now at the entrance of our beautiful football field lies the new “O-Pride Rock.” This new rock not only represents the legacy of the Delphi football program, but it was also designed to motivate and inspire our current players. The rock is a symbol of pride and something the Oracles can play for. Varsity football Coach Josh Strasser feels that the new rock is a “constant reminder to always play with pride.” Coach Strasser also referred to the rock as a “symbol that was designed to recognize the rich history of our program.” Some may also refer to this new rock as a tribute to the great Tony Berto who coached at Delphi for over 3 decades and is a member of the Indiana Football Hall of Fame.