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Oracles News · Oracle Football thrives on Community Involvement

Never let it be said that Coach Strasser and his Oracles don’t believe in Community.
“I have been very impressed with the amount of Community involvement that Coach Strasser and his teams do each and every year.”  said Mr. Sims, athletic director, “teaching leadership is way more than winning or losing a game. Coach Strasser continues to lead our young people each and every day of the year.” Sims continued, “I am really proud of the fact he teaches our guys to be Leaders thru giving back to our Community and others.”
In recent years the Football Oracles have been very busy !

*Trail Clean up at the Wabash and Erie Canals (4 Years)
*Indy Colts Blood Drive (3 Years) Champions in 2014
*Christmas Basket Donation in Camden (3 Years)
*Bacon Fest Stage Tear Down (2015-present)
*Toy Store Clean Up (4 Years)

Sponsored Halftimes:
*Hero Night honoring First Responders
*Tackle Hunger Food Drive Night (5 Years)
*Honor Night For Favorite Teachers
*Youth Football Night  (6 Years)

Alumni Recognition:
*Honored the Undefeated Berto Teams (3 Years)
*Honored the 1977 Sectional Championship Team