Oracles News · New Era in Oracle Wrestling begins 11/26/2019

Delphi Wrestling will take on a different look starting November 26th.
After roaming the Mats for nearly 20 years Coach Mike Atwood is gone.  His replacement, Lucas Schmit, takes over the helm in 2019-20.
“Congrats to Coach Atwood on his new endeavors and we wish him luck!”  Kevin Sims, AD commented.
“We are very happy to have found Coach Lucas Schmit during the off season.” Sims said.  “He is enthusiastic, well organized and extremely knowledgeable.”
Luke Schmit hails from Minnesota, but found his way to Indiana via Purdue University Wrestling.  His experience with Purdue Wrestling will be invaluable in the future
of the Delphi Wrestling Program.
Welcome to Delphi Community High School Coach Schmit and best of luck!!